IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium
20-24 April 2020 // Budapest, Hungary
Management in the Age of Softwarization and Artificial Intelligence


All times listed are in Central European Summer Time (CEST)

Tuesday, 21 April 2020


Keynote 1: Micro-servicing” NDN to Improve Security, Scalability and Integration

Olivier FestorOlivier Festor

Bio: Olivier Festor is Professor in Computer Science at the University of Lorraine and Director of TELECOM Nancy, the Graduate School in Computer Science and Engineering. He is active for more than 25 years in the Network and Service Management scientific community. His research interest are in Network Security, Monitoring, Programming and Configuration, domain in which he published more than 150 papers in the major conferences and journals in the field. Olivier was awarded the IEEE COMSOC Network Operations & Management Technical Committee « Dan Stokesberry award »in 2019.

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Wednessday, 22 April 2020


Keynote 2: Service Orchestration - Service Instance Design and Assign Automation: Challenges and Opportunities

Róbert Szabó

Róbert Szabó

Bio: Róbert Szabó, PhD, is a principal researcher at Ericsson Research, Hungary. At Ericsson, he was the technical coordinator of the EU-FP7 integrated project: Unifying Cloud and Carrier Networks (UNIFY) /2013-2016/ and he was the project coordinator of the H2020 5G-PPP 5G Exchange (5GEx) innovation action /2015-2018/. He was the president of the Telecommunications Section of the Scientific Association for Infocommunications (HTE), Hungary /2005-2007/. He was the deputy head of the Dept. of Telecommunications and Media Informatics (TMIT), Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) /2008-2010/. He was the head of the High Speed Networking Lab (HSNLab), at BME /2007-2012/. His researches were supported by the János Bolyai Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Science (MTA). He was a member of the Future Internet Award jury /2010- 2013/. He is co-author of over 80 publications. He supervised the work of 4 graduated PhD students. Currently, he works in the research area of Cloud Systems and Platforms in topics: Network Function Virtualization, cloud native transformation and zero touch automation.

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Thursday, 23 April 2020


Keynote 3: Why Automation Is Hard and the Need for New Approaches

Marcus BrunnerMarcus Brunner

Bio: Dr. Marcus Brunner is the Head of Standardization/Open Source, Eco-system Development and Chief Researcher at Swisscom. He has been active in research, development, and standardization for 25 years with detailed experience in programmability of networks and services, cloud technology for IT and network service providers (NfV), and automation of network and IT including autonomic communication. He is involved in various international organizations on software-defined networking and the future telecommunication technologies like Network Function Virtualization and 5G networking. He is currently chair of the Network Operator Council (NOC) in ETSI ISG NFV.

Abstract: The NOMS community is working on all sorts of automation topics for years, but the level of achievement is relatively limited. The question, I am going to touch are: Why is this the case, what can be done differently, are we on the wrong track? What is needed to get it done? I will give a bit of a holistic view and issues at the different places.